Hump Day Buzz for November 25, 2020

Nov 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Jessica Venerus


Hump Day Buzz of the Week

Integrating Marketing, Sales and IT ‘Absolutely Critical,’ says Sorrell and Other Experts

Now, more than ever before, there is pressure for marketers and sales teams to not only work together, but to also work with IT. Several factors are driving this push, including:

  • Importance of first-party data
  • Audience-focused marketing
  • Tech-heavy, consumer-facing communications
  • The need for marketing to work with IT to prove it really needs that new tech platform




Read on to understand why this change is so crucial for business to succeed and why it makes sense to get it right in your own organization.


How Has B2B Sales Changed in the Digital Era?

In order to keep up, your sales model must be re-molded to fit a digital-first reality. As customers change, the way they make purchasing decisions has changed too. In today’s digital era, sales’ role isn’t just to sell, but to serve as the expert guides that help buyers navigate this increasingly complex environment.

Heinz Marketing, along with Drift and Sales Benchmark Index (SBI), have launched a new survey to explore the impact of sales productivity in the digital age. The survey covers:

  • How sales solutions impact your ability to reach, sell to and serve your buyers.
  • How this digital-first environment has changed the way you sell.
  • How sales productivity has changed in the wake of COVID-19.
  • The future outlook of sales leaders with conversational sales.

See how B2B sales has changed and how to keep up.


MarTech Podcast: MarTech as the Revenue Engine

Tegrita’s COO, Brandi Starr, and President and CTO Mike Geller recently joined Ben Shapiro on the MarTech Podcast. Episodes 1 through 5 are available now and target marketers who want to get more value out of their marketing technology. Topics include:

  • Episode 1: MarTech as the revenue engine
  • Episode 2: Strategically using MarTech audits
  • Episode 3: Identifying gaps and overlap in your MarTech stack
  • Episode 4: Choosing the right MarTech functionality
  • Episode 5: MarTech implementation, integration and optimization

Listen now!


Top GDPR Compliance Software

It’s becoming clear that it’s no longer enough to implement a few changes in your marketing automation platform to comply with GDPR rules and regulations. In Asad Zulfahri’s recent article, he breaks down the top GDPR compliance software to consider:

Read more to learn how GDPR impacts email campaigns, and how simplifying compliance with a consent management platform can benefit your organization.


5 Data Model Considerations When Migrating to Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua's marketing automation platform has a uniquely flexible data model. Jesse Nobbe, Tegrita’s senior technology lead, shares five data model considerations to achieve a successful Eloqua implementation. They include looking into contacts, accounts, custom objects, opportunities and other entities to better understand the Eloqua data model and how it functions.



Learn more about how entities are related within the data model, how the data flows, and data health and hygiene.


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Jessica Venerus

Written by Jessica Venerus

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