Hump Day Buzz for September 30, 2020

Sep 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Jessica Venerus

Hump Day Buzz of the Week

5 Tips for Prioritizing Human Connections in Marketing Automation

To understand their customers’ needs and pain points, modern marketers must put themselves in their customers’ shoes. Oracle Digital Marketing Specialist Caterina Wiens gives us five tips to connect with customers on a human-to-human level. She recommends personalizing to show emotion, using customer data wisely, crafting a customer-centric marketing strategy, and keeping in touch. Take a deeper dive into these five tips for prioritizing human connections in marketing automation.


Long Live the King: The Importance of Content in Modern Marketing

The phrase “content is king” has been around longer than most of us have been marketers. In fact, it was first coined by none other than Microsoft founder Bill Gates back in January 1996. But is it possible that content is still king, even after all these years? Tegrita’s Sr. Marketing Strategy Lead, Jason Semenek, answers this question with a resounding “Yes!” Semenek points out, though, that content is only king when it’s good. So, what makes content good content? Tegrita’s recent article, Long Live the King: The Importance of Content in Modern Marketing, explains.


“Remember, content strategy is a long game. By having a plan and reacting to the results, you ensure that your short-term strategy fits with the long-term needs of your content development plan.” – Jason Semenek, Sr. Marketing Strategy Lead at Tegrita


New Casted Integrations Aim to Improve Podcasting Content for Increased Pipeline and ROI

The popular podcast platform, Casted, recently announced its integrations with HubSpot, WordPress and Drift. The intent is to give B2B marketers tools to drive greater pipeline and ROI through engaging content and marketing experiences. This includes an integration that connects podcast activity to HubSpot’s CRM, a WordPress plugin for more customization, and an integration with Drift that utilizes watch history for better marketing engagement. Learn more about these new integrations and the opportunities podcasting can bring to your business.


"Podcasts offer b2b brands an incredible opportunity to connect with their audiences." - Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted


Reading Between the Lines: A Three-Step Marketing Attribution Model for Connecting Your Campaigns to Revenue

Marketing attribution is the proof that marketing activities are generating revenue. The key word here is proof—not assumption, not guess, not a feeling or belief. Proof. Cold, hard proof. An effective marketing attribution model that proves marketing efforts are generating revenue takes a three-step approach: record, calculate and read between the lines to get the big picture. Mike Geller, CTO and President of Tegrita, digs deeper into how to connect marketing activity to revenue.


Five Essential Sales Enablement Strategies for Remote Working

Not only are marketing professionals working from home more than ever before, the amount of remote selling and lead nurturing has increased too. But will remote selling offer the same results as in-office sales? Take a look at these five strategies you can implement today to promote sales enablement

  1. Centralize your resources and optimize your organization strategy
  2. Use educational videos for staff training
  3. Host cross-discipline stand-ups
  4. Create more opportunities for learning and experimentation
  5. Align content marketing with sales scripts

Get more in-depth with these five strategies to understand how to make a lasting impact on your remote sales efforts.


“77% of employees report higher productivity when working remotely. As such, remote selling has the potential to produce even greater revenue.” - Petra Odak, CMO at Better Proposals


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Jessica Venerus

Written by Jessica Venerus

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