Hump Day Buzz for October 7, 2020

Oct 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Jessica Venerus


Hump Day Buzz of the Week

Post-Pandemic Event Checklist: Audience-Centric Innovation and Messaging

The pandemic and resulting lockdown’s restrictions and new practices have completely shifted the way we do nearly everything, and events are no exception. Whether your event is online, in the real world or a hybrid of both, we have to re-think our approach.

Christina Fee, director at Fourtold, says “We need to factor in how we define our approach by focusing on who our audience really is, and then use those insights to design the outcomes and content for our event.” Reworking how event objectives are set can have a positive effect on the overall attendee experience.

Take a look at the post-pandemic event checklist to effectively prepare your event to drive engagement, impact, legacy and behavior.


Coping with Marketing Layoffs & Budget Reduction: 3 Key Decisions for Leaders

Tough economic times mean marketers are expected to do more with less. With less time and money, and fewer resources, how do you still increase capacity, profits and productivity without burning out your team? In this virtual seminar, Tegrita considers the situation and offers three key decisions marketing leaders need to make to thrive. 

The 60-minute on-demand webinar addresses: 

  • The top three resourcing challenges faced by marketing leaders today (and the risk to your bottom line)
  • How to minimize the risks by considering three key decisions
  • Five outsourcing success measures



How B2B Marketing Leaders Can Plan for The Unpredictable

Planning for 2021 requires an entirely different type of preparation than previous years. Join Vice President and Research Director Jennifer Ross and Principal Analyst Adele Sweetwood in their latest podcast tackling how B2B marketing leaders can rise to the 2021 planning challenge.

They share valuable tips for marketers, including listening more intently and asking questions more frequently; looking more closely at the post-sale customer experience; and optimizing processes to minimize disruption.


Anatomy of a Fabl Story

Fabl helps create immersive content experiences. Although there are many similarities between Fabl and the landing page editors that exist within most marketing automation tools, both the strategy and technical execution of a Fabl story are inherently different. Dive deeper into Fabl with Tegrita’s Jason Semenek as he focuses on the planning and development of a single Fabl story, including how to create an immersive Fabl experience in five easy steps.


How to Implement & Succeed with Marketing Automation

A modern marketer’s job would be vastly different without marketing automation technology. Allie Decker, a content creator at HubSpot, put together a guide to walk new marketers through the ins and outs and how to succeed with marketing automation.

The guide includes:

  • What marketing automation is
  • What marketing automation is used for
  • Different types of marketing automation
  • Marketing automation software, and
  • Marketing automation strategy

 Learn how you and your team can grow better using marketing automation.




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Jessica Venerus

Written by Jessica Venerus

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