Hump Day Buzz for October 14, 2020

Oct 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Jessica Venerus


Hump Day Buzz of the Week

The Buyer Experience Wave Is Coming... Are You Ready to Meet It?

In the last decade, we’ve seen an unparalleled acceleration in the consumerization of B2B buyers. Forrester was right on the money when it declared in 2010 that the next 20 years would be the “Age of the Consumer.” We can see more aggressive research habits in B2B buyers, a higher consumption rate and the need to get what they want as fast as possible.

It’s no surprise the buyer experience wave is coming. The question is, are you ready to meet it? PathFactory President and CEO Dev Ganesan and former Marketo Global Head of Product Ajay Awatramani share six questions we, as marketers, must ask ourselves in preparation for what’s ahead.


Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

Digital marketing is evolving at warp speed. With each increase in velocity of technology, algorithms, updates and new techniques, it has become more difficult for businesses to keep the breakneck pace that is now the standard. Fortunately, Tegrita is here to help. Senior Client Engagement Lead, Chloe Kelsch, shares some of the 2020 top digital marketing trends, including ones you can build into your 2021 digital marketing strategy. She suggests, as we look ahead to 2021, keeping some of this digital marketing data in mind to help navigate the pandemic’s new normal.


How to Improve Marketing Attribution Without Burdening Your Sales Team

One of the largest sources of friction between sales teams and B2B demand generation is attribution. Attribution is the process of understanding which campaigns contribute to revenue so Marketing can optimize its limited dollars on the most effective programs. Allen Progorzelski at Openprise doesn’t think it needs to be that way if companies have the right marketing technology, and they’re using it properly. He shares various tips on how to improve marketing attribution without burdening your sales team or causing friction in the organization.




How We Failed at Fabl on Our First Try

Here at Tegrita, we’ve recently launched our partnership with Fabl, a content experience platform designed to enable any marketer with little design background to develop engaging pages. And, in full transparency, we failed at our initial use of Fabl. Whenever we take on new technology, we implement it with no help from the vendor to get the true user experience. We’re sharing our failed attempt so you don’t make the same mistakes many new Fabl users do. Find out how we got it right.



Top 20 Best Content Marketing Examples of 2020

Convince & Convert shares its top 20 best content marketing examples of the year, including content they’ve created with and for their clients, content they created for themselves and other content that stood out.

They break the examples down into four categories:

  • Content series
  • Research, reports and data
  • Customer-centered content
  • Content with a twist

Dive in with Jay Baer and Kelly Santina at Convince & Convert to see their favorites.


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Jessica Venerus

Written by Jessica Venerus

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